Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Best water for a better life

In the current scenario water serves as an essential need for a healthy living. Most of the countries suffer from water scarcity due to the absence of pure water for the purpose of drinking, cleaning, washing etc. In some of the African countries even today people used to drink contaminated water and lose their life due to its adverse effects. In few of the countries people has to walk for miles to fetch pure water for their day to day activities. Enagic has come up with this extra ordinary innovative product to serve the mankind from danger. The Kangen water machine which serves as one of the best products from Enagic. There are different types of Kangen water filter system is available for sales.  In this article let us discuss about its features. 

LeveLuk SD501

It is one of the models from Enagic. This model serves as a perfect solution for home use. It is named as ‘ultimate home use model. It provides you with healthy alkaline water for your family for better living. This system works with the help of built in electrolysis chamber. This water filter gives you 5 types of water due to the presence of anti-bacterial granular activated charcoal and sulfurous acidic calcium filtering medium. These 5 types of water can be used for various house hold purposes. The SD501 consists of LCD panel with a voice prompter and automatic cell cleaning mechanism for the maintenance purpose. This automatic cell cleaning mechanism is controlled by the microcomputer. This system is user friendly and it is highly recommendable for home. This model was given with a 5 years warranty period. This water filter costs around 277000 in rupees. It has a electrolysis capability of 60 minutes at normal room temperature. This system requires an enhancer for better performance. 

Kangen 8 

This Kangen water machine comes with 8 platinum dipped titanium plates for the purpose of antioxidant production. It is a versatile machine and it has 8 language display and audio component. It is compatible to all the countries for better usage. This machine saves a lot of energy. The power saving factors is implemented by a multi-voltage power supply and a swappable plug. This swappable plug has been sold separately. This Kangen water machine costs around 343000 rupees. Here the electrolysis capability is 30 minutes for a normal room temperature. This product requires an enhancer. It comes with a warranty period of three years. 


It is one of the ultimate spa products from Enagic. It removes the chlorine deposits from your various bathroom stuffs like shower, bath water etc. This product is made up of therapeutic ingredients such as Tufa, MIC stone, power stone etc. This system comes along with the shower fittings and it enables to break down the water into small clusters for better absorption in the body. It costs around 155000 including the registration fee. Hurry up and place your order based on your needs without any regrets.


Miracle Kangen

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